CES 2013 – The best smartphones for UK release.

CES 2013

CES 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held in Las Vegas every January and plays host to some of the biggest tech companies in the world. Representatives of these firms typically use the event to make major announcements, revealing the devices that will shape the market over the coming year. CES 2013 is here and the major mobile manufacturers are already hard at work on the launch events that they will hold to reveal their new devices. Here are five of the best smartphones for 2013 that are expected to appear at CES 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has already been rumoured to launch the flagship Galaxy S4 at CES 2013, in spite of the fact that the S3 was notably absent from CES 2012.

Now a new video from the South Korean firm has hinted at the impending revelation of its new super-phone. Speculation suggests that the Galaxy S4 will have a 5-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1080p HD resolution, combined with a quad-core processor and beefed-up camera.

Given that the Galaxy S3 has received many phone-of-the-year nominations, the S4 should be one of the best smartphones for 2013.


The M7 is rumoured to be going toe to toe with the Galaxy S4 next year and current industry murmurings suggest it will also be unveiled during CES 2013.

Like the S4, the device will feature a 5-inch display with full HD resolution, although it is unlikely that HTC will use the same AMOLED panel tech as its rival. It has even been suggested that HTC will be able to get the M7 to market before any of its closes rivals, which would give it the head start necessary to dig in and win over consumers.

Rumours suggest that up to five million M7s could be produced by the first quarter of 2013, giving HTC plenty of stock to sling around and ensuring that the phone is released globally rather than just in select markets.

You can expect to see the M7 at CES 2013 alongside a number of other new HTC handsets. This might include the HTC Zenith, which will be another flagship device for the excellent Windows Phone 8.

Huawei Ascend Mate

Many are already looking forward to the Ascend W1 and W3 from this Chinese manufacturer, both of which should offer affordable ways to enjoy Windows Phone 8.

However, even bigger news is that the company could be launching a ‘phablet’-style handset called the Ascend Mate at CES 2013. This will be designed to take on the Samsung Galaxy Note range, with reports suggesting that it could have a whopping 6.1-inch full HD display.

There were questions over whether or not this device was anything more than wishful thinking until a senior figure within the company confirmed that it was the real deal and would be popping up early next year.

Sony Xperia Z

Sony does not want to be left out in the rush to bring full HD screens to mobile devices, as the 5-inch Yuga is evidence of its eagerness to meet consumer expectations.

Although it is not confirmed for CES 2013, or even officially in production, it is safe to assume from the spy shots and leaked details that the Xperia Z will be making an appearance at CES.

As well as a big, high-resolution screen, the Yuga will pack in a quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Meanwhile, its 13-megapixel camera will be another competitive feature, since it seems other manufacturers are making this sensor resolution fairly standard next year. Read about the Sony Xperia Z official announcement.

LG Mobile CPU

LG is riding high on the back of the success of the Nexus 4 handset, which it currently manufactures for Google. This new confidence seems set to start a new era for the company.

While it may or may not have any new smartphones to showcase at CES, it is being widely rumoured that the firm will reveal its own-brand mobile processor technology during the event.

This will see it go head to head with rival CPU producers, although taking this in house will allow it to get cheaper components for its next generation of smartphones.

Intel is also likely to make a big deal of its own mobile CPU technology, which it has been pushing in 2012 with devices such as the Orange San Diego.

We’ll be back to report on the confirmed releases at CES 2013. Here’s hoping for some exciting announcements.

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