Daily Mobile News Roundup

With so many stories but no stand out feature today we’re doing something unusual for our daily blog post and simply doing a news roundup. This might become a more regular feature, especially at weekends which are comparatively light on news to enable us to catch up on the smaller stories of the last few days.

A report out today shows that smartphone users running iOS, in other words the iPhone, leak far more data than their Google Android counterparts. The methodology used involved checking the most popular free apps on each platform for what percentage ultilised data such as location tracking, single sign on, contact books and more. The only category that Android was marginally worse than Apple in was using Single Sign In, which arguably exposes more user data than a user would want to when registered otherwise. Both devices faired especially badly in encryption, where 100% of iOS apps failed to encrypt data  along with 92% of Android apps.

Despite making massive profits from the sales of its Galaxy range of smartphones, it appears that Samsung isn’t planning on upgrading the current plastic design to a higher quality material. Apple has long used aluminium and glass rather than plastic, giving the iPhone a high end feel while Galaxy, despite being a high end smartphone with a price tag to match, continued to use standard plastics. The story is still coming out, but it initially looked like a Samsung spokesperson confirmed the new device would use plastic before another company spokesperson claimed that a new device isn’t confirmed and therefore the material to be used isn’t public.

Are you looking to buy an expensive sportscar? You might find an iPad mini is thrown in with it if you buy one of the latest Ferraris which are symbolic of Apple and Ferrari’s increasingly cosy relationship. Talks are apparently going on between the two premium brands about how to do more together.

Got a Windows Phone 8 and love sharing photos on Instagram? Better hope your phone was manufactured by Nokia as they have just signed an exclusive deal to host the Instagram app for Windows Phone 8 if rumours prove to be correct. Interesting move and it’s hard to see what the benefits of doing this for instagram are, unless Nokia funded the development of the app which otherwise wouldn’t have been produced.

China isn’t happy with Google’s dominance of the smartphone market. Their Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published a report claiming Google is too powerful a force in the marketplace. Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry will be cheering if they take action.

Could the home button be banish from the iPhone? Steve Jobs always insisted that any button that could be removed from devices should be, and it looks like Apple post-Steve is maintaining the philosophy by looking at ways of removing the one large button left. A new Apple patent for squeezing a phone looks like a way of replacing the current ‘home’ button on the bottom front of iPhones. Doing so could allow Apple to use more of the device for screen meaning the iPhone could be shorter while still maintaining its current screen size.

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