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If you are an Android user who runs a Facebook page then one of the hottest new Android app’s on the block was designed specifically for you. No longer will Android Facebook’ers need to look on in envy at the more well-established iPhone app that does the same thing. Facebook Pages Manager provides the functionality you need to be able to manage one or multiple Facebook pages and engage with the fan base – all essential tools for anyone who works in social media marketing.

Features include the ability to post updates and photos and respond to comments left on your page, respond to private messages, get instant notifications about any activity on your page and the ability to view your pages Insights. For those who don’t know, Insights provides user metrics including data about demographics, growth and content consumption on your page. This helps you to improve your page’s popularity by finding out exactly what your users want and giving it to them.

The app launched as recently as the 3rd of January 2013 and although initially it was only available within the US it quickly launched a UK version a few weeks later. If the popularity of the iPhone app is anything to go by then this app is likely to be a hit. It currently has a rating of 3.8 on Google Play with one common complaint being that it crashes a lot or is slow.

Based on user reviews, features that it currently lacks include the ability to share the page, tag people or other pages in status updates or photos, or to edit its own description. That being said, for a first version it seems to contain most of the basic features are there present and correct and there are likely to be updates to the app in future.

The main user base of this app will be small business owners, social media promoters or people who use their Facebook pages to make money. Many people have known for a while that having a Facebook page can help you engage with your customers, building brand identity and loyalty. However, in order to do this right you need to post regular updates to keep the fan base interested. If nothing else, this app helps you make sure that you can always find the time to post an update to your page even when you’re out on the go.

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Facebook Pages Manager App


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