Firefox launches Smartphone operating system

Is there a space for another major smartphone operating system in addition to iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8? Mozilla, the non-profit foundation behind the popular Firefox browser, think so. They’ve been developing an open source smartphone operating system for some time with the aim of making a OS that works well on low cost smartphones.

On Tuesday the first phone, called Keon, made to work with the Firefox Phone OS came onto the market and sold out. The phone was a bargain at just $119 plus shipping in the US, equivalent of about £77 without VAT included. The main purchasers of the new phone are developers hoping to make apps for the new operating system or simply work on improving how it works.

The phone that went on sale isn’t much in terms of hardware, but it’s no meant to be. With a screen similar to that of the original iPhone with a resolution of just 320


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