Nokia Lumia Phablet Coming Soon

Fans of Windows Phone 8 and big phones, rejoice! Nokia is apparently making a version of their popular Windows Phone 8 smartphone Lumia in phablet proportions.

A report in the Financial Times yesterday suggests that Nokia is working on a phablet version of the Lumia as well as several other interesting new phones. According to the FT Nokia Lumia’s phablet will be a similar size to the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet, which is smaller than the Galaxy Mega phablets we reported on recently. The Lumia will, if the rumours are to be believed, have significantly better specs that the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Other news in the report suggest that Nokia will launch a phone with a camera with significantly more megapixels than any rival phone. How many? Apparently 40 megapixels, which is made possible by their Pureview technology. Currently only the highest end DSLRs even reach that level of megapixels.

That’s not the only news however. The FT are also reporting that among other plans is a newer version of the Lumia 920 which is the flagship phone for the brand and only launched last year.

There will also be a low cost Lumia launched this Autumn. Apple are also apparently planning on launching a low cost iPhone around the same time so it will be interesting to see how the two devices sell in emerging markets where they are aimed.

Nokia, based in Finland, has had a troubled history in recent years. It used to be the world’s largest phone manufacturer but never quite got smartphones right and even lost out on the so called ‘feature’ phone business to Samsung. While Nokia still makes an incredibly large number of phones, they are increasingly just the cheaper handsets for emerging markets and temporary ‘burner’ phones rather than the smartphones most people in Britain and other Western countries buy.

The Lumia’s are the exception to this and show that Nokia is still capable of making good quality smartphones. The design of the phones are impressive and in our opinion far superior to anything Samsung have put out.

Running on Windows Phone 8 brings them advantages and disadvantages however. Nokia clearly isn’t just another Android manufacturer, a problem that plagues the likes of Sony, LG and HTC when it comes to getting publicity for their devices. But Windows Phone 8 is still relatively unknown to consumers – most of us have never used one of the devices running on it and don’t know any friends who own one. While the operating system is very high quality fear of the unknown puts many users off getting a Lumia.

Windows Phone 8′s Metro style looks ideal for phablets as it would allow more social info to be shown on the screen in more boxes. A phablet would also be the perfect screen size for taking those super high definition photos a 40 megapixel camera would allow.

Sadly Nokia refused to confirm or deny the rumours when technology news site TechCrunch reached out to them, commenting that “Nokia does not comment on market rumour or speculation.”

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