Roundup of Galaxy S IV Rumours and Leaks

Today has been a leaky day for Samsung, the world’s largest Android smartphone manufacturer. The South Korean based company has created a awfully large amount of anticipation for its forthcoming model in its Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S IV. And it’s also managed to create the intrigue and fanbase that had previously only allowed iPhone launches to be so anticipated. Today there’s more evidence of how the Galaxy S IV will be perhaps the best phone of the year as new rumours and leaks suggest an awesome device.

Late yesterday a rumour came out of that the phone would contain a 3D camera. A patent hunting site, Patent Bolt, found a recent Samsung patent showing 3D movies and stills being taken from a smartphone. The patent only came out last week, which would suggest that it’s being released just before the phone is unveiled in an effort to avoid leaks while still providing intellectual property protection. The official unveiling is scheduled for March 14th, so all you Android geeks should get ready for the big announcement on Thursday.

A previous report also suggest the phone will have eye ball tracking so you can scroll by just looking down the page. Sounds futuristic and might seem a little uncomfortable at first (the idea that your phone is watching you doesn’t appeal to everyone!). If Samsung releases both of these technologies in the Samsung Galaxy S IV they really will have put Apple to shame in terms of features and it might be something that finally convinces many iPhone users (myself included) to jump ship to the Android platform.

Samsung isn’t immune to providing official leaks either, although they aren’t giving away much. Earlier today the first official image of the new smartphone came out, which is stylistically dark with stage-type lighting from one corner revealing just the top bezel. of the device. What we can tell from the image is the device has a curved metallic or metallic-looking outer rim with a dark surface – hardly an earth shattering design. It also strongly resembled leaked photos that came out yesterday.

The same people who provided the leaked photos yesterday have now also leaked a video of what the upcoming phone will apparently look like. We’ve embedded the video at the end of the post if you want to look for yourself. It shows the removable components of the phone (battery and backpanel) as well as the phone itself which has a plastic back, metal sides (probably antenna like iPhone 4 onwards). The video shows the phone launching and the camera being used for various tasks such as taking a photo and using a calculator.

For those not up to date on the rumours for the new phone, as well as the 3D camera and eye based scrolling we mentioned earlier, it’s apparently going to have a Super AMOLED 1080p Full HD display, 2GB RAM, up to 64GB storage, a 13 megapixel camera and will run on the latest version of Android which is codenamed Jelly Bean.

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