What’s in the new iOS 6.1.4 Update

Owners of the iPhone 5 will have noticed last week that their phones began to tell them that an update is available. Many will have already gone ahead with the update, but for those that have waited to hear what’s actually in the update here’s our breakdown of what’s changed.

Apple’s official info for the update was remarkably sparse this time even by the standards of the minimalist-loving company. We were simply told that the update contained an ‘updated audio profile for speakerphone’ and the usual bug fixes.

Those of you with other Apple devices such as the iPhone 4S might be wandering where there update is. Apple’s iOS 6.1.4 update only seems to be rolling out to the iPhone 5 suggesting that the changes here will only be for the latest phone.

Generally those who have updated to the latest 6.1.4 version haven’t noticed any performance issues or bugs that have plagued many previous seemingly small updates Apple has released. One of the biggest problems of recent releases has been effects on battery life. Even updates designed to improve battery life have recently had the opposite effect for some of the users who upgraded. This doesn’t seem to be the case with this update.

With all updates it’s important to point out that chances could lead to improved battery life for one user and worse battery life for another, because the way we use our phones are different. Still there doesn’t seem to be many reports of people having poor battery performance since the update so it should be safe to update.

Performance issues don’t seem to have been created by the upgrade either. There’s been no reports of wi-fi issues that have come with previous updates where connections randomly drop. The User Interface is also as fast as ever which will relieve those who remember how sluggish their iPhone 3GS became after they updated to iOS versions just before the iPhone 4 came out.

The update may possibly have helped out with issues that have plagued iMessage recently. Apple  had a major outage of the entire service recently, but that was almost certainly caused by their infrastructure rather than the phones. But other issues with messages being slow to send, especially multimedia messages, have seemed like issues with the phone’s software. Those who were using both iMessage on their phones and their Mac’s or iPad’s were noticing that the syncing wasn’t working correctly and the phone would still think there was a message. The issues haven’t been fully resolved by the update, but there’s been some indications that they aren’t as frequent as before. The update didn’t mention any fixes to iMessage, but it may have contained a few bug fixes.

The update mentions the speakerphone, but we haven’t noticed any changes to it ourselves. Maybe the update is too subtle for us to hear or only affects users who had bugs, or it’s possible that Apple’s update is merely due to a patent issue.

As well most small updates like this there’s not really any new features to speak of. We’ll probably have to wait until iOS 6.2 for that, or maybe even iOS 7 if it’s unveiled and launched at WWDC which is taking place in just over a month on June 10th and June 14th.


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